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You can have your cake and eat it too.

We've never really cared what others say.

We are Natausha & Jackson Calame and we gave up conventional thinking to pursue our dreams several years ago. Thanks to an open mind, determination, and two hearts that were unwilling to give up, we've lived our dreams in ways that others have not.

  • Natausha is a living example of how stay-at-home moms can be just as fulfilled as the corporate woman.
  • You don't need a degree to succeed in business as Jackson has proved. Over and over.
  • Traveling is not only possible for families, but can be great for your kids in ways that they love!
  • You can be cheap & a foodie.
  • While living beyond your means is unwise, living BELOW your means is a huge NO-NO.
  • Serving others & helping our brothers and sisters world wide is the only way to real happiness. And for us and ours, Christ led the way. To each his own.

How did we defy the odds? It's simple.

The odds only apply to average people - and you & I are NOT average. Therefore, if you are not average, the "average" statistic is already not applicable. By merely finding this blog, you are lightyears ahead of the average person because you are about to learn some serious life hacks and principles that have the power to change your life forever.

I can prove you are NOT average:

  • The average world wide annual income is $10,000. (See... I bet I won already.)
  • The average age is 34.
  • The average household has 2.58 people.
  • Baby boomers average 11.7 jobs in their adult life.
  • According to US News, making $400,000 in Manhattan is the equivalent of making $174,254 in other parts of the country, while making $400,000 in Texas is like making $502,874.

Listen, I don't give a crap about the detailed accuracy of the above "facts". Let's let the fake "experts" handle that. My point is, there are so many unique traits and characteristics about you that help you defy the odds that you are unaware of in yourself.

If you can learn to tap into what makes you unique, I promise, you can succeed at whatever you pursue. Some people tell me, "You're tall, dark and handsome. What do you know?" You'd be surprised how short, pale, and fat I've felt through out life - and just like many of you, I've had my fair share of people try to convince me that's all I am. But forget about me. Learn to defy the odds. It's in your hands and yours alone.

Here are some real stories of sucess from others who said, "You know what? I'm NOT a number! The odds don't apply to me!"

Those That Defy the Odds Achieve Unparalleled Greatness

Some of the most heartfelt, against-all-odds stories on the web...

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Restaurant Owner

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