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Seriously, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We love hearing from people who are trying to achieving work-life balance. Remember, we were once scared of our own path and didn't know how to do this either! Thank goodness for the people that God set in our path to help us see that there are many people out there who think like us, act like us, and live like us.

Typically, we get back to people within a weeks time, but it all depends on what adventure we are on. :)

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Family Trip Fun - Eat, Travel, Live

Exploring the world has changed our lives in a way that is truly incomprehensible.

Natausha & I have been blessed to travel many parts of this beautiful world. Both of us have lived abroad, provided service to wonderful people in 3rd world countries, explored beaches, oceans, caves, mountain tops, and ski resorts, and we now owe it to our kids to help them experience the richness that this world so freely gives.

Planning to travel with little ones is daunting; it sounds ludicrous; some say impossible; others feel their travel days are over.

Helping your kids experience the world is one of the best things you, as their parent, can do for them.