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A Family That Lives & Loves

From An Ordinary Life

We spent years as good christians trying to inspire others with our "efforts". Don't get me wrong - we were definitely sincere; our heart was in the right place for others, but it was ignoring our needs and our own desires to live our own lives.

To An Active Life

Once we pursued a work-life balance and began to make sure our core family needs & desires were met, it's like the heavens opened on our friends and family as well. We stopped pursuing trivial things like politics & started focusing on positive ACTIVITIES that enrich our family. Our actions inspire others to action plain and simple & it's a joy to see it take affect on the lives of our loved ones around us.

You Can Do It Too

Rather than spreading the negativity can you choose to just ignore it? Yes! Or how about get involved? Voting doesn't count. Actually DO something to make a change.

Once we decided to shut up and act, everything started to work to our benefit & life started to OVERFLOW with purpose.


Travel, Food, & Lifestyle Are For You


Jackson's not much of a traveler at heart, but it's what opened his eyes to care for people everywhere. Natausha was literally born traveling. Traveling can cultivate a sense of belonging and a greater understanding and respect for those we share the world with.


We grew up in "meat & potatoe" families, but our paletes changed dramatically as we immersed ourselves in new cultures and friendships throughout the world.


The Myth - If you didn't get a college degree & land a good job at a great company, you'd have little chance at succeeding they told us.

To that we belly laugh. Not irreverantly, or in disrespect to others, but because it's just so wrong & sad that people believe it.

How It All Began

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My Number 1 Priority: Escaping Corporate America

I've always wanted to be a stay at home dad. Available for my kids when they need me - not when work permits. That's bull crap.

Well, I've at least wanted to be at home ever since my dad left when I was 4. That desire was graphed into my soul when I became an uncle at the age of 9. My nephew became my motivation and was the first of many anchors that led me to chase this dream and make it a reality. Now I can happily say, after 5 years of working from home and finding ways to make it work, no matter the cons, the pros will always be greater.

Pros of Working from Home

  • All 3 meals at home
  • 5-10 minute breaks to see my kids several times a day
  • The ability to at least see/hear my kids in every important moment.
  • Never missing a milestone such as the first steps, first words, etc.
  • Being there to help my wife when tantrums, laundry, groceries, naps, illness, or anything else was simply too much to bear alone.
  • Lunch time, play time.

The list goes on and on, really.

There were times were I "had to grind it out" and I was putting in way more hours than I may have at a traditional office, but even then, it's debateable.

Priority Number 2: Escaping the Work Desk & Living Life

5 years creates a lot of time to master new opportunities and I've finally broken away from the majority of my "desk time". I wish I could just give you what that means and what the "trick" is, but as simple as it is, it's not that easy. But it's closer than you think.

There are no simple tricks to changing your habits or the way you live. You are pre-conditioned to behave certain ways and be cautious when new opportunities are presented. Attempting to change your lifestyle probably feels a lot like walking on an invisible bridge. There's no way for you to know if the next step is safe; and some people never get over the fear of change. People like us, however, eventually find a switch within ourselves that says, "JUST LET GO OF FEAR AND RUN!".

That moment you start believing you're safe doesn't make you any more wreckless than the individual that slowly takes the same steps. It just allows you to live freely and feel the wind in your hair.

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But Golf Is Hard. <- How does that even relate?

Let's put it this way. If you ask Tiger Woods' golf coach what 3 tips he'd give you to make you a world class golfer, you might be disappointed at is response. It would likely sound something like this, "Learn the basic systems, practice every day, and hire a golf coach."

Seriously. When it comes to change, beyond those 3 tips, you simply have to boldly take a leap of faith and get started. *We highly recommend doing the 3 things I just mentioned - especially asking someone to be your mentor or coach. <- P.S. We're right here! ;)

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We Invite You To Reach Out To Us

As our family teaches yours about opportunities that are readily available to you we want you to know that we consider you a blessing. Call it karma or good juju - the world has a funny way of taking care of people who help each other out.

Yes, there are optional, direct business opportunities to work with us, but everyone that speaks with us walks away with free resources & tips that we hope inspire them to take the next big adventure with their own family.